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Private Lessons

LA Recreation Center Karate Program

Our Jinen Kai - LA  Karate Classes are a perfect balance of fitness, combat sport, and discipline. The expert instructor not only teaches self-defense techniques but also focuses on physical fitness and mental toughness. 

Step into the exciting world at our multiple locations offering expert training in judo, karate, kickboxing, and self-defense. Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness objectives while learning the art of self-defense. During your journey, one may also achieve a Black Belt in either Karate or Judo. Join us on this journey to greater physical health and mental discipline.

Our locations are through the City of Los Angeles: Parks and Recreation Department.  Parks and Recreation have multiple karate programs throughout their system, but 3 Recreation Centers are home to the Jinen Kai - HTO Karate Program, Baldwin Hills Recreation Center, and Westwood Recreation Center.   All Sign-ups for the programs are through the Rec. Centers, which are Seasonal 8-week Programs: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer will have a 4-week break in between each season. Please, look below for the location, days, and times to see which best fits you. 

Dates starting point for each session are Fall - October,   Winter - January,   Spring - April, and Summer - July.

Links for each Recreation Center sign-up are below.


Note: Karate and judo Uniforms, Dojo Shirts, Belts, Ranking/Promotions, and Certificates are extra and paid directly to the Instructor. For prices, please check out the Shop.

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